A Brief History

There are a number of things I know I do very well; Radio Jock, TV Host and Voice Guy. Everything else I try really hard at.

I will not bore you with fake hype, but a little history here is needed.

The legendary George Morris hired me for my first “professional” voice job in 1983. Anything prior to that was part of my workload as a radio jock. We recorded at his Listen Audio Studio in Old Montreal, which was a thrill enough to stay at this voice thing, which has continued 30 years later.

I’ve done morning and afternoon radio shows in Top 40, Alt Rock, Hard Rock, Classic Hits and Adult Hit formats.

I’ve been a VJ on MuchMusic for nearly a decade (top THAT, kiddies).  There are some MM video clips and other fun video on this site.

Since the show launched, I’ve played host on the morning show on CP24, Canada’s most followed newsroom for the last six years.  I’ve included pictures of some of our many guests here.

This website is to introduce you to what my voice might do for your station, commercial or project. My clients are numerous  and varied, and you can see them as rotating logos on this page.

Also, some of my favourite articles and letters and things are also rotating on this page. Click one to see it better. They are kinda fun, fond memories for me that you might make you smile.

Most importantly, please listen to the demos. They are current, and get updated regularly with new material.

You might not need my services right now, but keep me on your radar, and perhaps pass me over to colleagues that need something new now. There is lots of me to go around.

Also, please turn off the lights on your way out.

The End