Steve Anthony – Professional Voice Over Artist

There are a number of things Steve Anthony does well: Radio Jock, TV Host and top notch Voice Guy. Originally hired by the legendary George Morris in 1983 started the ball rolling for now over 43 years. From morning and afternoon radio in all formats (Top 40, CHR, Hard Rock, Alt Rock and More) to on-screen as one of the first VJ’s for MuchMusic for nearly a decade, Steve’s image and voice is more than recognizable. Its versatile, and features a range that works for any format – literally – he’s done it all. 

Take a moment to listen to the demos (there on the left, in case you didn’t already notice) and explore the other nuggets, and mullets, for you while you’re here. 

Whether you need Steve’s services now, or not, keep him top of mind and spread the word.

Steve’s Demos

Television Imaging


Rock Imaging

Sports Imaging


Narration Demo